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Best Baking Essential Appliances and Tools - A List of Must Haves

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Before one starts baking, they obviously worry about all the items they need to start serious baking. Whether they have those stuffs in their kitchen or not or what all utensils and tools they are going to need for baking cakes, cookies, etc. For starters who take cooking classes, they might have been told to buy all these things. But where to get the best and affordable? This is the question which could cost many a good nights sleep.
Below is the list of all these essential items you would need and the sources from where you can get the best deals. So take your pick and enjoy baking.

1. Convection Oven (25L is ideal for a family of 5-6 and 20L is for 4-5)

IFB 25SC4 25-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

 Convection Oven

Samsung CE73JD-B/XTL 21-Litre Convection Microwave Oven

2. Measuring Cups and Spoons

8 Piece Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

measuring cups and spoons 
When I was looking for measuring spoons for my baking purpose, these are the cheapest and sturdy sets I found. So I ordered them at only Rs.138 at

3. Set of Mixing Bowls

mixing bowl
A good pair of mixing bowls for cookie and cake batter and sifting dry ingredients, comes handy which are also microwavable. For me Pyrex and Borosil bowls are best till now. Borosil Mixing Bowl Set, 3-Pieces and Pyrex Mixing Bowl and Bake Set, 2-Pieces at You can buy with decent discount in these links. 

4. Cooling Rack for Cakes and Cookies

cooling rack
It is must have if you make cookies a lot, also for cake sand loafs too. The racks which are best would be dishwasher safe and have at least 3 tiers, could hold heavier thing, saves space and easy to clean as well. Norpro Three Tier Stacking Cooling Rack fits all these conditions, and is providing awesome discount rate on them too.

5. Metal and Silicone Spatula

Spatula which could be used as dough cutter, scraper and lifting cakes, pizza, etc is the best spatula as per me. So you must buy it here, Di Solle Sharp Edge - Large Lifting Spatula and as for a silicone spatula for pastry dough and glass bake wares and flexible reach on corners, check out Silico Silicone Spatula Big Cooking Utility Gadgets on at good discounts.

6. Kitchen Board for Bread Dough and Cookie Cutting or Dough Mat

Dough Mat 
This Fondant Dough Pastry Silicone Rolling Work Mat for Sugarcraft Cake Decorating by Kurtzy TM is non stick and ideal for dough, pastry, cookie cutting, sugar paste. Flexible and foldable, comes in (L*W): 28.8cm and 25.8cm. 

Other essential products:

7. Stainless steel cake knife
8. Flour Sifter
9. Spatula or Flat Knife for Cake Frosting Icing
10. Icing Bags and Nozzles
11. Cookie Cutter
13. Cookie Maker Press
14. Blender For Batter and Whisk
15. Cupcake Batter Dispenser
16. Heat Resistant Oven Mitts
17. Variety of Extracts like Vanilla Extract, Mint Extract
18. Grater for Lemon and Orange Zests
19. Cupcake Muffin Molds
20. Pair of Knives for Bread Loaf and Cake
21. Ramekins Sets
22. Parchment Paper, Waxed Paper for Lining
23. Aluminum or Glass Cake Pans and Loaf Pans
24. Electric Stand Mixer
25. Hand-Held Mixer For whipping cream, egg beating
26. Glass Baking Dish and Pans
27. Brownie Pan
28. Cookie Sheet
29. Tart Tin, Tart Pan, Pie Mold
30. Creme Brulee Burner
31. Springform Pans for Cheese Cakes
32. Bundt Cake Pan
33. Yeast
34. Chocolate Compound or Dark Chocolate Slab for making choco chip etc
35. Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
36. Air-Tight Containers for storing Cookies
37. Pastry Brush
38. Paper Muffin Liners
39. Baking Soda and Baking Powder
40. Gelatin
41. Whip Cream Powder
42. Unsalted Butter flax seed, apple cider vinegar
43. Fondants

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