Monday, June 23, 2014

Best Epilators: Top 6 Painless Epilators

Philips HP6522/01 Epilator

Philips HP6522/01 Epilator For Women  

  • This epilator is hypoallergenic, thus preventing any rashes or allergies.
  • Silver-ion discs make sure your skin remains soft during and after to give best epilation process.
  • Massage attachment for soothing your skin and getting it prepared for the epilation.
  • Dual speed setting 
  • The exfoliation brush of this epilator is equipped with hypo-allergenic bristles which cleanse your body of dead skin cells for radiant skin.
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Philips HP 6421 Epilator

Philips HP 6421 Epilator For Women

  • Efficient tweezing discs can gently uproot hair without pulling out your skin. 
  • Can remove hair as short as 0.5 mm without harming your skin.
  • A specially designed cap fits on to the outer epilator discs and prevents any accidents of damage while you use it over sensitive skin areas such as the bikini line and underarms.
  • The epilator has a detachable head, which can be removed to wash under tap water.
  • Comes with cleaning brush to remove loose hair from the epilator discs for better hygiene.
  • Priced at only Rs.1780 (cheapest in the Epilators)
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Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator SE7891 Epilator

Braun Silk Epil 7 Dual Epilator SE7891 Epilator
  • With Close Grip technology, the epilator has 40 tweezers that are at the optimal angle to grip even the shortest of hairs. 
  • The pivoting head ensures that the epilators runs close to the skin for maximum comfort and benefit. 
  • The SoftLift Tips technology pick up the flat-lying hair and ensures that the tweezers can get to them.
  • One hour of charging gives you up to 30 minutes of wireless usage, suitable for Travelling.
  • The integrated blades remove hair in one go without having to repeat strokes ensuring safety of skin health.
  • The Cord-less epilator come for only Rs.5500 on Flipkart.
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Braun Xpressive Body & Face Silk Epil 7, 7681 Epilator

Braun Xpressive Body & Face Silk Epil 7, 7681 Epilator

  • Best Epilator amongst all, has sealed body so it can be directly rinsed in water to clean.
  • The neck of the epilator comes with a Smartlight that helps you see fine hair better to ensure complete removal and smooth skin. 
  • Can be used both in wet and dry conditions allowing you to epilate in the shower that is time-saving and convenient.
  • Capable of removing smallest of hairs too.
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Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 Epilator 

Braun Silk Epil 5/5280 Epilator
  • Priced at Rs.4450, this Braun 5280 Silk Epil 5 comes with a shaver head for dry shaving, a trimmer cap for sensitive areas and an efficiency cap for faster epilation. 
  • 3 heads (Shaver Head, Trimmer Cap, Efficiency Cap)
  • 40 tweezers for efficiency
  • It has a cooling glove that cools and relaxes the skin after the epilation process for increased comfort.
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 Braun SE3270 Epilator 

Braun SE3270 Epilator For Women
Best epilator considering price of Rs.3375 at great features like shaver plus tweezing heads, corded, massaging rollers, smart light, 2 speed setting, comes with a cleaning head.
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    1. Karmin Professional is a alternative in Hair care and grooming section and economical too. Pricing of Braun epilators and Karmin's epilator is somewhat equal. But the epilator range by Karmin is limited to very few models, though consumers can go for Karmin as well. It is disappointing that Karmin is not launched in India. If you still want to go for much cheaper choice, then Philips is a good option.

  2. Hi, which is the least painful epilator for face and body use

  3. Best I have ever used is the electric epilator of Karmin =)

  4. Most epilators uncommonly the fresh out of the plastic new items that are accessible are anatomically concocted for helpful moving and taking care of on the human body shape. The Epilators World

  5. Which epilator for legs is good enough? I am considering to buy Phillips one.