Thursday, September 19, 2013

3 Best Hand Blenders in India.

Philips HR1363 Hand Blender (600 W)

PHILIPS HR1363 Hand Blender (600 W)

One of the finest and best hand blender in the market by Philips, comes with a compact chopper and a beaker with lid (0.5l), makes it a perfect product for both your blending and chopping purposes. This product gives you maximum freedom of experimenting in kitchen which can be used for personal and professional purposes. It ensures zero splashing of fluids with its anti-splash blade guard. Its very user-friendly and one can use it with one hand also. Its design is so sleek which fits palm perfectly making it effortless. Philips Daily Collection HR1363 600-Watt Hand Blender with Chopping Attachment (White)
PHILIPS HR1363 Hand Blender (600 W)
sleek design allows better gripping
Delivers perfect batters for cakes and pancakes, smoothies, blending soups, crushing spices finely etc in a few minutes makes it a multipurpose product. The body is made durable with stain-resistant plastic. Consistency and texture is delivered due to its dual actions twist and slice blades which are made of stainless steel in the Philips HR1363. It has a turbo button especially for resilient ingredients. Its very easy to clean after use as its fully detachable. Priced at Rs.2009, it will prove a best buy given its varied features.
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Philips HR1453 Hand Blender (175 W)

Philips HR1453 Hand Blender (175 W)
If you are looking for a blender for making delicious cakes. pastries, muffins, kneading dough for pizza and breads, etc. This is the best blender for all your needs from Philips in the Price of Rs. 1555. (Buy Philips HR1453 from Amazon at Rs.1240 only) Comes with kneader and beater hooks, which allows consistency in your mixtures and without leaving any lumps. Its very light weight, allows to be used for longer durations without fatigue. You can beat eggs for omelet, cake etc. even knead dough for chapati.
Stainless steel beaters and dough hooks

Philips HR1453 Hand Blender (175 W)
Turbo button function

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It has 3 speeds to be selected as per your need. Plus turbo button function gives faster results, all its hooks are fully detachable which can be cleaned easily. After you are done using it, the cord can be wrapped easily around it as it comes with cord storage clip. Its worth the price you pay as Philips is always known for a better brand who delivers good quality in reasonable price.

Orpat HHB-137E Hand Blender (250 W)

Orpat HHB-137E Hand Blender (250 W)
If you are happy doing all the chopping and crushing in the food processors, and not into making cakes and heavy blending and kneading, then this is the perfect hand blender from orpat. Orpat is popular for good quality motors therefore, this product offers 250 W motor which is perfect for daily use. Its motor capacity delivers more given its cheap price of Rs. 739, suitable for making shakes, smoothies, beating eggs, making perfect puree.
The motor works silently and blends in few seconds, comes with 3 set of different blades made of stainless steel And a beaker of 500ml. It has the facility to mount the blender on wall. The lower part of blender can be removed to be washed.
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This product is best in its pricing and performance. You don't need to think much before buying because you wont be disappointed. Have your pick. Happy shopping!! 


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